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The Royal Bahrain Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital in the Kingdom of Bahrain, housed in a custom-built, state-of-the-art facility and equipped with the latest equipment in medical technology. Opened January 15th 2011, with 23 medical disciplines and top-notch national and international doctors, Royal Bahrain Hospital is fully equipped to meet any person’s medical needs.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Check, please! Health check-up, that is!

While most people would only visit a doctor when they’re sick or not feeling well, rarely does anyone go to a doctor routinely to make sure they’re healthy when not symptomatic. Studies have shown that because of this, over 50% of people over the age of 75 will have physical problems because they have disregarded regular health check-ups.

A regular full health check-up, at the very least once a year, could reveal problems before they start. Most people could have a problem and not even know about. An official from Royal Bahrain Hospital gives a real life example of such a situation. “Once during a free medical camp we were conducting, we tested a person’s blood sugar and found out that he was diabetic, and he didn’t even know it! Being unaware of such a condition may not seem like match, but what would present serious complications later in life. Knowing what condition you’re in means you can better prepare your body for facing the aging process.”

What kind of tests should be taken? The best person to answer your question is a doctor. The majority would need a regular check-up once or twice a year, with just the routine tests, but others may need to do more specific tests. Doctors at Royal Bahrain Hospital advise “If any of your relatives have cancer it’s important for the women to get a mammogram and for men to do a cancer screening. If you’ve had a blood transfusion or work in healthcare, then you’ll need a hepatitis screening. Most hospitals will use special days, such as World Hepatitis Day to put together a relevant package and remind people to get checked. Take advantage of this!”

This extends to people from all ages and backgrounds. Getting a health check-up is important, so ask your doctor if you need any special screenings or tests. Most people attempt to cure the illness, but healthcare institutions are looking to prevent the illness.

To book a General Health Check-Up during the holy month of Ramadan, or a discounted Hepatitis screening, call the Royal Bahrain Hospital at 1724 6800

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