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The Royal Bahrain Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital in the Kingdom of Bahrain, housed in a custom-built, state-of-the-art facility and equipped with the latest equipment in medical technology. Opened January 15th 2011, with 23 medical disciplines and top-notch national and international doctors, Royal Bahrain Hospital is fully equipped to meet any person’s medical needs.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Protect Your Eyes

It is common knowledge that the eyelids are the eye protective organs. However, medical professionals stress the importance of not taking these organs for granted. Dr. Bachar Khoury, Consultant Ophthalmologist at Royal Bahrain Hospital sheds some light on this topic. “Eyelids are not simple as they look. They have a wonderful mechanism for eye protection. The action of blinking your eye is the fastest movement in the body. This is the first mechanical defense against any foreign body may enter the eye.”

“Additionally, this has more functions other than protecting the eye. With every blink the eyelid spreads the tear film on the cornea so it stays wet and prevents dryness. Eyelids have a good drainage system, so tears flow from the eye to the nose and don’t flood on the cheeks. This mechanism in not simple at all, it has a pumping mechanism to pump the tears to the nose. That pumping happens with blinking so the muscles stretch and plays a suction role.”
“Furthermore, eyelids also have mucous glands and lipid (fat) glands. This fat stays on the top of the tear film preventing it from evaporation and keeps the eyes wet.”

However, Dr. Bachar discusses the medical risks that are related to this organ.

“Sometimes these lacrimal canals become blocked causing infections. In order to unblock them, they need to be opened surgically. In addition to that, eyelids are also susceptible to tumors, swelling, and other illnesses. The sad thing is, many people decide to self-medicate by applying ice or over-the-counter medicine, not knowing that they could be making the condition worse.”
Dr. Bachar urges patients that feel an unusual sensation in their eyelid or general eye area to review their Ophthalmologist, at least with a phone call before they decide to medicate. “The eye area is very sensitive and most people disregard how careful they have to be in treating it.”

Dr. Bachar Khoury is the Consultant Ophthalmologist at Royal Bahrain Hospital. To book your appointment, call 1724 6800 or visit our website www.royalbahrainhospital.com

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