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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Weight Loss Myths Debunked!

Carbohydrates make you fat—Eat less
Regardless of what food group you choose, if you eat less of the items from that group, you will take in less calories and lose weight. The concern is that you will also be cutting down on some nutrients along with that food, so choose what to reduce wisely. You don’t need to cut out carbohydrate completely from you diet, nor is it desirable. Instead make healthy choices. The best option is to choose whole grains.
Some foods help melt the fat
Whether it is grapefruit, cucumbers, or chili, it will not burn off fat. Foods that burn off more calories than you are consuming from the food itself do not exist.

Eating after 7 pm will be stored as fat
It does not matter what time you eat. It is more important that you do not overeat in 24 hours. The total amount of energy you consume compared with how much you burn off with activity over a 24 hour period will determine whether your body store fat or not.

The less fat you eat, the better
Reducing your fat intake helps cuts down the caloric density of the food, which can help with weight loss. However, eating fats in moderate quantities is necessary for good health and helps you lose more weight. Fat helps you feel full so you eat less.

Cold water helps you lose weight
Water temperature does not increase the amount of calories you burn. However, drinking water is important for good health.

Drinking water during a meal will give you a pot belly.
Water does not contain any calories and cannot physiologically turn to fat in your body.

The combination of foods that you eat really matters—for example, do not eat carbohydrates and protein at the same time
There are no special combinations of food that help you lose weight. Calories are what matters.

Muscle will turn to fat if you stop exercising
Muscle can not turn to fat. It is not physiologically possible. However, you will lose muscle mass if you don’t exercise regularly.

Fruit contains too much sugar and will make you fat
I cup of fruit contain only about 15 grams of sugar. Compared to a 1 cup of rice, it is much less. A cup of rice contains about 45 grams of sugar in the form of starch. Fruit is packed with water and fiber which will help satisfy your hunger and help you lose weight.

Snacking will make you fat
It depending on what you are snacking on. Snacking will help you lose weight if you make the right choices.

Eating fruits after a meal will make you gain weight.
Fruits are lot lower in calories than a piece of cheesecake after lunch or a cup of um ali.

Nada Jawahery is the Registered Dietician at Royal Bahrain Hospital and is a member of, and licensed by, the American Dietetics Association. For more information call 17246832 or email: Nada.Jawahery@royalbhrn.com

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