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The Royal Bahrain Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital in the Kingdom of Bahrain, housed in a custom-built, state-of-the-art facility and equipped with the latest equipment in medical technology. Opened January 15th 2011, with 23 medical disciplines and top-notch national and international doctors, Royal Bahrain Hospital is fully equipped to meet any person’s medical needs.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Brighten Up Your Smile

Few people realize how much a beautiful smile changes a person. Dr. Jamilee Susan John, Endodontic at Royal Bahrain Hospital, says “A whiter set of teeth invariably brightens your smile and improves your looks. It is possible today to attain whiter teeth through a variety of teeth whitening options performed either in-office by the dentist or by yourself at home.”

She explains that “In-office tooth whitening (zoom whitening) procedure involves applying a protective gel to your gums. A bleaching agent is then applied to the teeth, while a special light is used to enhance the chemical action. For take home-whitening, impressions of the teeth will be taken first and the custom-made trays will be provided. The whitening gel is spread onto the custom-made trays, which are fitted over the teeth. The trays are worn overnight for 2 weeks. While office whitening is much quicker and effective, some may prefer at home whitening for its ease of use.”

According to Dr. Jamilee, tooth whitening can generally improve the color of the tooth by five to even 10 shades in some individuals. Results may vary between individuals depending on lifestyle habits and cause of the stained teeth. Tooth bleaching is most effective if your teeth are darkened from age, coffee, tea or smoking. With proper maintenance and regular dental checkups, the results of your tooth whitening should last you for more than a year.

“Tooth whitening procedures are safe and normally painless. A small percentage of people may experience a minor dull ache following the procedure and temporary sensitivity towards hot & cold drinks but can be relieved by providing ACP gel. This procedure wouldn’t damage the teeth of soft tissues.”

“Not everyone is a good candidate for tooth whitening though, in some case of serious discoloration and pitted teeth, veeners may be more appropriate than bleaching. Moreover, crown, bridges and fillings do not bleach so it may be necessary to replace dental work to make it blend with the new color of your bleached teeth.”

Tooth whitening is offered at Royal Bahrain Hospital. Call 17246800 for appointments or visit www.royalbahrainhospital.com


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  2. You only get one chance to make a first inpression! This is the rule of life. I came to this hospital hoping it would be different from the BIH and BSH whom make me feel their most important and primary function is profit, and most of the staff in these places are on some bonus scheme for getting patients to part with their money. Sadly I found that at this very first visit to the RBH, it seemed to be just the same! My son and I had appointments with doctor of orthopedics, the time allowed for each was a meagre 10 minutes, hardly enough time to say hello. Both consultations cost 25 BD each, and were rushed with the doctor seemingly uninterested in our comments, and seemed mainly just to ask the questions he wanted ask, and get us processed as quickly as possible and to get the next patient processed. The whole thing felt very rushed and as if the doctor was agitated at the possiblity of it taking longer than the 10 minutes we had been allowed. I wonder, is there a decent hospital in Bahrain where a patient can feel that the primary objective of the consultant's is their patients well being.
    I can say that there is one cardiologist (I daren't mention his name in case the Hospital management where he works punish him for not making good profit from his time) who is, to me and my wife anyway, like a proper doctor. He listens, discusses and advises. Even I feel better every time i visit him just because of this nice rapport.
    I will follow this to see if anyone can make a good recomendation.

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