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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

New Year, New You!

2011 is almost over, and all of those long-forgotten new year's resolutions from the beginning of 2011 have been forgotten. So what's the key to keeping a new year's resolution?

We've got the top Health New Year's Resolutions for 2012, and how you can keep them! Just go through and choose which goals you'd like to achieve!

1. Lose weight: It's the same resolution every year, isn't it? But here are three easy tips that will help you keep fulfill it!
    • Control your portions: Learn about portion control and how to portion your plate by either purchasing a diet book or consulting your local Dietitian. (which may cost a little extra but will definitely give you more reliable information than a book). Once you stop overeating losing weight will be a cinch!
    • Be active: We know, no one has time to exercise, so here's an easy way to be active; just build it into your routine. Take the stairs, do more chores, don't be afraid to park further from the mall entrance. These little boosts will help you burn extra calories!
    • Restaurant control: Oh no! The whole diet goes out the window once you visit a restaurant, but learn to control your environment. Remove the salt shaker, and ask them to take away the bread basket after one piece. Don't be afraid to ask the waiter for dressing on the side for your food.
2. Look better: We'd love for the clock to strike midnight and find our skin clearer, our hair stronger, and our legs smoother, so invest in a visit to the Dermatologist who can help figure out your problems. Want to get rid of excess hair? Your dermatologist will help lead you to the new laser treatments for hair removal, which will provide instant smoothness!

3. Feel better: take advantage of your insurance policy's yearly health check-up. Getting a few tests done is well worth a while. Who knows? You might discover that what you thought was a major physical problem could be solved easily!

4. Know how to incorporate health into your daily life: We've got this one figured out for you! Starting 2012 we'll be providing daily health tips on our Twitter account which provide easy tips for you to follow. If you want more articles, we'll be publishing them on a twice weekly basis on our blog! If you want health offers, like us on Facebook and we'll keep you updated on the latest offers at Royal Bahrain Hospital!
Happy New Year's Everyone!

To book an appointment with one of our doctors or medical specialists, call us on 1724 6800 or visit www.royalbahrainhospital.com

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